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The Profit-Boosting Principles for Martial Art Schools (Paperback Edition)

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"This is the first book I ever bought that had to do with being a business man/school owner. So many amazing tips and money making tactics in this book! I literally bought the book, read it, had a parents night out 2 weeks later and made $600… crazy!"—Michael Wickware, school owner

I'm Mike Massie, author of Small Dojo Big Profits and over a dozen other martial arts business books and courses.

I've spent years learning how to put together all the "gold nuggets" of information that I picked up from watching and listening to real martial arts business "masters", observing what they did and taking it home to test it in my own studio. Along the way I learned what NOT to do through trial and error, all while developing and honing this into a complete system for maximizing martial arts school profits while keeping my overhead to respectable "Small Dojo Big Profits" levels.

That's exactly what I reveal in The Profit-Boosting Principles for Martial Art Schools: How to Dramatically Increase Your Martial Arts School Profits Without Increasing Your Overhead. In it, you'll discover just why your friends who also own schools are able to turn huge profit margins, all while operating with the same amount of students you struggle along with year after year.

Prior to this publication, the only way you'd ever be able to learn the information I share openly in this book would be to spend thousands of your hard-earned dollars in an expensive business coaching course. Now that I've decided to share with you the secrets to maximizing your martial arts school profits, you too can be privy to this information, and at a fraction of the cost.

Why keep struggling? Get your copy today and you'll finally discover how to end your financial struggles, for good.