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Martial Arts School Staff and Leadership Team Training (Kindle & ePub)

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Discover How To Recruit And Retain Reliable, Competent Staff!

Are you tired of juggling your administrative duties with teaching classes, all while trying to get new students in your school?=

Ever wish you could clone yourself and be in two places at once?

Are you having a hard time managing your growing enrollment, and wish there was a way you could find some help?

I know how you feel! In Martial Arts School Staff and Leadership Team Training, I reveal my entire system for recruiting, selecting, and training staff and leadership teams for martial art schools.

Any style! Any system! Any school! You can easily adapt and use this system for training and developing your own staff and leadership team. Not only will you discover how to attract and hire them—you'll find out how to train them right so you keep your program quality high while reducing your workload.

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