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Martial Art School Business Growth Strategies (Paperback Edition)

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Discover The Most Effective, "Out-of-the-Box" Methods for Attracting and Keeping Students!

In Martial Art School Business Growth Strategies, author Mike Massie addresses common challenges many school owners will face when growing a martial art school. Inside this book, you'll discover:

  • How to develop an overarching growth strategy, so you can grow your dojo in the most efficient manner possible!
  • What's the best business model for a martial art school? Discover the most profitable martial art school business models, so you can choose the best one for your personal goals.
  • Understanding market segments! Find out exactly who to target and how to target them, so you get more students through your front door.
  • What are the most profitable markets for martial arts instructors to target? Should you go after kids, adults, the fitness market, the self-defense market, the after-school and summer camp market, or something else? You'll find the answers to these questions and more in the first section of this book.
  • What are the pros and cons of each market? Are there advantages and disadvantages to pursuing certain markets? Find out now so you'll know what to expect when pursuing a specific market.
  • How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace? Find out how in the section on branding for martial art school owners.
  • How do you keep students coming to class? What makes students drop out? How can you prevent students from quitting? Find out in the section on keeping students.
  • How do you handle rapid growth in a martial art school? Where do you put all those students? Should you get more space when your classes are full? And how do you teach larger classes? You'll get the answers to those questions in the section on efficient scheduling and curriculum design.

Once you read this guide, you'll know how to identify and sidestep common hurdles and pitfalls in growing a school. Leap ahead of your competition and grow the dojo you've always wanted. Grab your copy today, and discover how to skyrocket your career as a professional martial arts instructor!