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How To Teach Introductory Lessons That Sell Memberships (Kindle and ePub)

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Do you ever have new students try a class, tell you they're going to enroll, and then you never see them again?

Do you ever have people walk into your school, "tour" the facility, and then fail to enroll?

Are you having trouble enrolling new students?

Many martial arts instructors and school owners face these very same issues. After spending two decades starting and running martial art schools, and fifteen years spent coaching school owners, I know how much it hurts to lose a potential student.

Of course, many martial arts business experts will tell you that you "simply have to get better at selling." Sure, I'll agree with that. But did you know that a lot of the selling in your school is done on the training floor?

That's why you need this short guide on teaching introductory lessons that sell memberships. In it, you'll discover the exact methods I've used in my own martial art schools to get trial members begging to enroll.

If you're having challenges getting students who walk in your door to enroll, then get this book today. It'll help you increase your enrollment in your martial arts studio, and have students who are more satisfied and who stick around longer as well.

Get your copy today!